Neurosurgical societies: Why do we have them?

What is SBNS? Why you might want to choose a surgeon who is a member?

Mr Bassi talks us through why these societies exist.


-   SBNS is the Society of British Neurological Surgeons. It is one of the oldest neurosurgical societies, being founded in 1926.

-   The aim of the organisation is the advancement of neurosurgery for the public benefit. This can be achieved through:

  • Improving education, knowledge and training among surgeons and other medical practitioners.
  • Advancing expertise, knowledge and understanding of neurosurgery for the relief of the suffering associated with neurological disorders.
  • Holding scientific meetings of the society to discuss publications arising from the work of its members.
  • Carrying out research to advance knowledge in the world of neurosurgery
  • Fostering professional relationships amongst neurosurgeons.

-   SBNS provides a forum where the neurosurgeons have a voice in an attempt to have some say in health policy, the future of neurosurgery, standardisation of teaching and training and setting of standards of care.

-   Much of the work has been based on patient safety and sustainability of practice. The SBNS is a vehicle where ideas can be floated, cases can be discussed and research undertaken for the communal good of enhancing British neurosurgery. **