10 interesting facts about London Neurosurgery Partnership


1.     LNP was originally founded by Mr Sanj Bassi. After practising for 15 years in the NHS, Sanj decided to take a leap and form a partnership of 11 neurosurgeons in the private sector and call it London Neurosurgery Partnership. In 2008 Sanj sought 10 surgeons from King’s College Hospital as they all worked there together on an NHS basis and still work there together on the NHS to this day! They are all great friends inside and outside work and often get together to play a spot of cricket or go for some dinner. As LNP is a partnership there is no competition or divide and they all work closely and in-sync with each other, that’s what makes them so unique! 

2.     Interesting fact about Professor Ashkan: At age 5 Professor Ashkan learned how doctors could relieve pain and suffering from a family friend who was then a trainee doctor and it defined his whole life and it is what made him become a neurosurgeon. Alongside his medical degree he also has a music degree and diploma and LOVES playing, listening and dancing to all music! 

3.     After 8 years of success with LNP the partners felt it was the right time to take a new direction and in 2016, London Neuroscience Academy was born. As you may already know LNA prides itself on delivering the best educational courses for continuing professional development with CPD awarded classes and world-renowned international speakers. LNP often speak at these events which are held almost every month, it’s a great opportunity for GP’s and all health professionals to get up-close and personal with the LNP team and really pick their brains! 


4.     Even though you hear a lot about the surgeons at LNP you don’t necessarily hear about their medical secretaries. They have secretaries in various locations like Spire, Blackheath and The Shard but also at their practice base in Harley Street. Practice manager Mary has been working with Sanj Bassi since before LNP was ever formed and actually played a part in getting it off the ground. Some of our secretaries have been PA’s to the same surgeons for years and could run their clinics in their sleep! It’s really quite special what these women do on a daily basis and are a massive part of the practice. LNP are continually thankful and to show this, every year they host a fantastic summer and Christmas party where all the PA’s and surgeons get together for some fun and team bonding. Did someone say gin o’clock!

5.     Mr Christos Tolias served for two years as a Medical Officer in the Greek Air Force (1990-1992). He was also awarded an Action Research Fellowship in 1996 which was presented to him by its patron Prince Philip in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace! And that’s not all – it’s all pretty cool that he also writes poetry.

6.     The surgeons at London Neurosurgery Partnership have over 315 years’ worth of experience between them!  

7.     LNP are expanding and growing across London and Kent, they also are looking to increase consulting numbers in the near future. Watch This Space!


8.     Mr Ranj Bhangoo is a secret pastry chef, so secret we have never even tried one of his cakes! Another interesting fact is when he was at medical school, he co-founded a Classical Music Society that has gone on to become the largest festival of Indian Classical Music outside of India! It is held annually at Southbank.

9.     Throughout Richard Selway’s career he has been asked to speak at many events, news articles and publications but the most memorable time is when he appeared on Richard and Judy as an expert to discuss the female orgasm!

10.  Finally, you may find it interesting (we did!) to know that the surgeons at LNP have roots all the round the world from America to Iran to India and Denmark! Combined they can speak a total of 10 different languages, of which you can find on each consultant bio!